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Our Best Cruises Collection

You've set your mind for Halong Bay but do not yet know which cruise to travel with? This list will give you an idea to start! Our best cruise list is selectively picked based on several factors
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Genesis Regal Cruise

From$175$159per pax
Launch: 2019
Cabins: 20

Genesis Regal Cruise, an elegant French – Indochine design, creates different itineraries with new selected destinations which helps passengers have a closer touch to nature as well as local life.

(33 Verified Reviews)
Best Price Guaranteed

Scarlet Pearl Cruise

From$198$179per pax
Launch: 2019
Cabins: 23

As well as super-advanced Catamaran Sailboats used for day trip. Scarlet Pearl Cruise confidently assures every single minute you experience onboard would be the most impressive moments in your lifetime.

(125 Verified Reviews)
Best Price Guaranteed

Athena Luxury Cruise

From$199$179per pax
Launch: 2017
Cabins: 21

Athena Luxury Cruise is a brand new five-star luxury cruise. On this cruise, you will receive VIP treatments and services from friendly and professional staff who are always dedicated to your safety and enjoyment.

(90 Verified Reviews)
Best Price Guaranteed

La Regina Legend Cruise

From$260$159per pax
Launch: 2018
Cabins: 27

Launched in 2018, La Regina Legend Cruise is a beautiful luxurious cruise that features the classic ambiance of wooden details and brass fixtures.

(8 Verified Reviews)
Best Price Guaranteed

Sapphire Cruise

From$168$129per pax
Launch: 2018
Cabins: 21

With 22 spacious cabins and modern style, Sapphire will take you to discover the hidden charm of Halong – Lan Ha Bay with the magnificent limestone islets, secluded spots, and outstanding sites here.

(115 Verified Reviews)
Best Price Guaranteed

Rosy Cruise

From$220$139per pax
Launch: 2019
Cabins: 22

Rosy Cruise is one of the luxurious 5-star cruises managing overnight programs in Halong – Lan Ha Bay, which is well-known for beautiful karst formation over the calm emerald water.

(9 Verified Reviews)

Choose Your Halong Bay Cruise

2022 promises to be a blooming year for Halong Bay, with the launch of many new cruise lines from budget to luxury. Start planning your trip to this World's Seven Wonder? Below is the best of what Halong cruises have to offer.
25 cruises

Newest Cruises

Halong Bay cruise collection is updated annually with both newly built and newly redecorated cruises. Here is latest cruises that were launched and soon to be launched
View all cruises
3 cruises

Day Cruises

A perfect option for busy travelers who have limited time but still want to get a glance of the amazing Halong Bay
View all cruises
32 cruises

Luxury Cruises

The cruises listed in this range are those that offer the very best amenities that you can find in 4 or 5 star hotels: jacuzzi, spa service, comfortable bedding, exquisite…
View all cruises
9 cruises

Deluxe Cruises

Designed with a budget-minded priority without compromising quality, this is the most popular choice for customers wishing to visit Halong Bay.
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2 cruises

Budget Cruises

Travelers on a tight budget will be pleased to know about the very large options which is carefully selected they have to choose from
View all cruises
1 cruise

Private Cruises

Private cruise is an ideal option for groups who want to celebrate privacy and intimacy
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30 cruises

Family Cruises

Included in this list is all cruises that are known for being family-friendly, having extra services for children and infants, or can accommodate family needs such as offering extra beds…
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29 cruises

Honeymoon Cruises

Halong Bay has many cruises that are suitable for your honeymoon vacation, offering a great time out at sea in a graceful setting
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15 cruises

Small-Group Cruises

Fewer strangers, less hassle, more time to relax, more attention from staff and above all, better way to enjoy Halong Bay
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With the confidence and knowledge to find the right Halong bay cruise choice, we are always here to listen and arrange everything as your desire. Don't hesitate to send us your requests. We will send you the best offers shortly!

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