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Halong Bay Family Cruises

Included in this list is all cruises that are known for being family-friendly, having extra services for children and infants, or can accommodate family needs such as offering extra beds or family cabins.

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Nostalgia Cruise

From$257$229per pax
Launch: 2022
Cabins: 10

Nostalgia Cruise promises an exceptional voyage to amazing yet less touristy corners of Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay. You will see traditional decor arts and well-designed wooden furniture that remind much of the royal Vietnamese architecture.

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Genesis Regal Cruise

From$175$159per pax
Launch: 2019
Cabins: 20

Genesis Regal Cruise, an elegant French – Indochine design, creates different itineraries with new selected destinations which helps passengers have a closer touch to nature as well as local life.

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Sapphire Cruise

From$168$129per pax
Launch: 2018
Cabins: 21

With 22 spacious cabins and modern style, Sapphire will take you to discover the hidden charm of Halong – Lan Ha Bay with the magnificent limestone islets, secluded spots, and outstanding sites here.

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Doris Cruise

From$185$149per pax
Launch: 2022
Cabins: 24

Doris Cruise is a newly luxury 5 star cruise experiencing Lan Ha Bay and Halong Bay. The cruise itself is a modern sail with high-quality facilities and hospitable services.

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Scarlet Pearl Cruise

From$198$179per pax
Launch: 2019
Cabins: 23

As well as super-advanced Catamaran Sailboats used for day trip. Scarlet Pearl Cruise confidently assures every single minute you experience onboard would be the most impressive moments in your lifetime.

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Orchid Trendy Cruise

From$215$189per pax
Launch: 2017
Cabins: 20

Being a sister cruise of Orchid Classic Cruise, Orchid Trendy is also a luxurious overnight cruise accommodating 20 cabins on board with a private balcony on each cabin overlooking the World Heritage Site.

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Heritage Cruise

From$289$239per pax
Launch: 2019
Cabins: 20

Launched from October 2019, Heritage Cruise is a brand-new luxurious cruise that introduces the first Vietnamese boutique cruise on the Red River and the Gulf of the Tonkin.

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Dora Cruise

From$194$159per pax
Launch: 2019
Cabins: 22

Launched in early 2020, Dora Cruise is a luxurious cruise operating newly exceptional itineraries exploring the hidden charm of Halong – Lan Ha Bay. Dora Cruise is where the classic meets modernity in a romantic ambiance.

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Aclass Stellar Cruise

From$156$149per pax
Launch: 2010
Cabins: 21

The traditional oriental-style cruise ship houses 21 fully-equipped cabins with private bathrooms, a spacious sundeck, elegant restaurant and bar, spa & massage room and a lot of exciting outdoor activities.

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