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Day Cruise

Ambassador Day Cruise

Launch: 2022
Cabins: 400 pax

If you have a short time to explore Halong Bay, but want the trip in luxury and style, Ambassador Day Cruise is definitely the number one choice.

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La Regina Grand Cruise

Launch: 2019
Cabins: 27

As one of the newest luxury cruises in the Bay, La Regina Grand Cruise houses 27 spacious, well-furnished suite cabins with full amenities and private balconies for spectacular panorama of the Bay

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Indochine Cruise

Launch: 2019
Cabins: 43

Indochine Cruise is proud to be one of the newest and biggest ships cruising within Lan Ha Bay, a gorgeous and tranquil sea part besides Halong and Bai Tu Long Bay.

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Paradise Grand Cruise

Launch: 2020
Cabins: 39

Expected to join the luxurious cruise segment in Lan Ha Bay at the beginning of 2020, Paradise Grand Cruise welcomes passengers to explore and discover the pristine natural beauty here on newly distinctive itineraries.

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Heritage Cruise

Launch: 2019
Cabins: 20

Launched from October 2019, Heritage Cruise is a brand-new luxurious cruise that introduces the first Vietnamese boutique cruise on the Red River and the Gulf of the Tonkin.

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Aspira Cruise

Launch: 2020
Cabins: 22

Aspira Cruise is famous for its excellent service and great activities among mid-range cruises. Focusing on the luxury segment and less touristy itineraries in Lan Ha Bay

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Paradise Elegance Cruise

Launch: 2017
Cabins: 31

Paradise Elegance Cruise is an outstanding brand in Paradise Cruises Collection, which is renowned by its exquisite service and high-end professionalism among Halong Bay Fleets.

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Dora Cruise

Launch: 2019
Cabins: 22

Launched in early 2020, Dora Cruise is a luxurious cruise operating newly exceptional itineraries exploring the hidden charm of Halong – Lan Ha Bay. Dora Cruise is where the classic meets modernity in a romantic ambiance.

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La Casta Regal Cruise

Launch: 2019
Cabins: 24

Going beyond the ordinary itinerary, our La Casta Regal Cruise will take you passing by the most famous part of Halong bay from Tuan Chau international marina then visiting the amazing Lan Ha Bay.

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Le Theatre Cruise

Launch: 2019
Cabins: 23

Redefines the luxury hospitality experience the Le Theatre Cruise is well-designed with emphasis on elegant simplicity and first-rate food, an airy refuge, our 23 luxurious cabins.

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